We are pleased to present the Official Breitbart edited event video and individual video clips of the Patriots Rally for Freedom Event. Watch the video here on the home page, or view and share individual clips under the Media Tab "Rebroadcast Videos". We invite you to hear the superb speeches by invited experts in their field and we encourage you to share the message.

Become the YOU in USA! Spread the word, get involved, become part of the conservative RED TIDE and UNITE as we enter into Election 2014. 

"As Texas Goes, So Goes America!"

Texas, being no stranger to sacrifice, is known as the "Lone Star State" due to the ability to Individually affect a result, for the benefit of All.

That is the National message Patriots Rally for Freedom seeks to unite the Nation under. Each Conservative willing to work together is the only way freedom and liberty will survive on the earth. The healing must begin for America's blessings to return.

Thank you for attending and supporting the Patriots Rally for Freedom event in Martindale, Texas on March 15 , 2014, at the Cool River Ranch. Leaders and performers from Texas and across America shared their messages in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Now we must continue their messages to educate, motivate and activate Americans to put their political labels aside and UNITE for preserving this great Nation.

( Watch the Official Breitbart Edited Event below )

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Speakers & Performing Artists

The below speakers and performing artists have graciously accepted our invitation to appear at the rally. Click on their image to visit their representative BIO pages.
  • ClifJ- 3F

    Clifton Jansky

     “From Amarillo by Morning to Amazing Grace” is not just one of Clifton Jansky’s single releases in Christian Country music, but it is his life story. One of the lines in the song says, “Little did I know, God had a plan that was bigger than Tennessee.” As a young boy growing up in South Texas, Clifton’s dream was to stand on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry [...]
  • blinn

    Daniel Akbari

    Daniel Ghasem Akbari, a Sharia law-trained lawyer, is the author of New Jihadists & Islam. As a criminal and family lawyer in Iran Daniel handled approximately 500 cases primarily involving people who were charged as criminals because they opposed the Islamic Government of Iran. He also worked with Defenders of Human Rights led by Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Daniel holds a [...]
  • Alice Lenahan

    Alice Linahan

    Alice Linahan is an intrepid activist, politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the grassroots movement. She is a board member of WomenOnTheWall.org and  TXAlliance4EthicalGovernment. Alice launched Voices Empower in 2011 in response to identifying an urgent need to engage the passive majority of voters at the National and State level during the primary process. [...]
  • krista-branch

    Krista Branch

    Krista Branch was raised a Texas girl. She has been a passionate vocalist her entire life. Krista was a season seven American Idol contestant and after that experience went on with her successful solo career. She has had enormous success with her viral video hit, “I Am America.”  The video has millions of views online and was named the theme song for the rising conservative movement in [...]
  • project-hayseed

    Project Hayseed

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Project Hayseed due to a family tragedy. The Legend of Project Hayseed It was a dim time in history…. In a modern world where evil lurked and terror was abound. Where a once great nation cast her lot in the desperate direction of hope and change. New leaders and new ideas rode a crest of public complacency and a lack of character not seen since ancient times. [...]
  • Dwayne Stovall

    Dwayne Stovall

        You might hear that we need experience in Washington, but that “experience” has only deepened our debt and eroded our liberties. What we need are leaders with the right principles. – Dwayne Stovall Proud to be Texan Politically: I am a [r]epublican (little r), which means I am for limited government. I have Jeffersonian principles. That means I take the [...]
  • Jason Ravnsborg

    Jason Ravnsborg

      Continuing my oath from the military to the senate. - Jason Ravnsborg   Jason Ravnsborg Jason grew up on his family’s grain and livestock farm.  Following in his father’s footsteps, he attended the University of South Dakota (USD).  At USD he went through the Army ROTC program and he received a commission as a Transportation Officer.  At USD, Jason earned a Bachelors, Masters [...]
  • Andy-Professional-Picture

    Andy Mangione

    Andy Mangione Andy Mangione is a passionate advocate for older Americans, and has put this passion into practice as a key member of AMAC’s leadership team. He joined AMAC in 2012 after obtaining a firsthand look at the organization’s mission, and presently serves as AMAC’s lead legislative and government contact in Washington, DC. After earning a BA in Management from Malone University in [...]
  • Derrick Wilburn

    Derrick Wilburn

    Derrick Wilburn Founder of American Conservatives of Color and Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives (www.blackandconservative.com), Derrick is a highly sought after speaker/presenter. His organization’s and personal mission are to bridge the gap that exists between conservatism and ethnic-minority voters. Through speaking engagements, local meetings, film and radio programs, on-the-ground [...]
  • Dr. Kristin Held

    Dr Kris Held

    Kristin Story Held, M.D. is a board certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon.

  • Wayne Dupree
News Ninja 2012

    Wayne Dupree

    Wayne Dupree is an up and coming conservative activist and well-known social media/media personality under the moniker of Newsninja2012.

  • Stacy Rush - 
The Wayne Dupree Show & TheRightRush.com

    Stacy Rush

    Stacy Rush is the creator and editor of “TheRightRush.com”

  • Lt. Col. Roy White, USAF, Ret.

    Lt Col Roy White

    Lt. Col. Roy White, USAF, Ret. After retiring from the Air Force in 1999 after three combat tours as an A-10 fighter pilot and 20 years of honorable service, Lt Col Roy White began a new career as a commercial airline pilot.    However he was haunted by the two very different “isms” he had fought against; Commun”ism” for his first 10 years was well defined; its tactics and objectives [...]
  • Espinoza

    Maria Espinoza

    Maria Espinoza is Co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project.  The Remembrance Project works to unite the families of the victims who were killed by illegal aliens. Their main initiative, the “Stolen Lives Quilt” a visual memorial for the victims, provides a voice for those who no longer have a voice. Maria’s organization completed the Stolen Lives Quilt 25 [...]
  • Lee Jackson

    Lee Jackson

    Lee Jackson Lee Jackson, a graduate of West Point and Boston University, is a Veteran, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an award-winning author of historical thriller fiction, and his first historical novel, “Curse The Moon”, was released in December 2013. Lee and his wife live in Texas. Read a little more of Lee’s story in his own words: Five years ago, I deployed to [...]
  • Jeff Rakestraw

    Jeff Rakestraw

    Jeff Rakestraw is the founder of the Random Thoughts blog

  • George Rodriguez

    George Rodriguez

    George Rodriguez George Rodriguez is president of the South Texas Alliance for Progress, which was established to educate, inform and engage business, political and community leaders about how existing and proposed local policies will affect South Texas communities. The South Texas Political Alliance is a non-profit organization designed to identify, support, elect, and defend candidates at the [...]
  • web

    J. R. Martin

    J. R. Martin Our nation is in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The root cause of the U.S. Economic crisis is destructive trade and economic policies. There is much rhetoric on all sides, but what are the non-partisan facts? How and why did this happen? What has been the impact? What can be done to fix this and rebuild the U.S. Economy? Join award-winning author [...]
  • No Picture

    Candice Lanier

      We regret that due to a medical emergency, Ms. Lanier was not able to attend the Patriots Rally for Freedom Event. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Lanier. Candice Lanier is a writer for Patriot Update, contributor to various publications including Human Events, RedState, Jarkesy Political, Red Pill Report,Christian Coalition, The NewGuards, One For All and WIIS Israel. [...]
  • Alyssa Krumm

    Alyssa Krumm

      Alyssa Krumm   Alyssa Krumm is a young, up and coming conservative activist from New Jersey with a fiery passion for individual liberty and traditional American values. As the creator and editor of ConvictionsofFaith.com, Alyssa speaks her mind unapologetically on everything from national and local political news and cultural issues to philosophy, history and faith. Realizing [...]

Performing Artist – Krista Branch


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